Get Your Lamborghini Serviced at Lamborghini Ohio in Columbus, OH

If you have a Lamborghini in Pittsburgh, PA, it is crucial to have it serviced regularly. Our service staff at Lamborghini, Ohio serving Cleveland, OH, is ready to make sure your Lamborghini is in excellent condition. Having seasonal and scheduled services for your Lamborghini is the best way to keep it in prime condition and driving like new for years to come.

Your new Lamborghini deserves the best, and here at Lamborghini Ohio we only offer original parts made specifically for your exact year and model.

General Services for Your Lamborghini Near Detroit, MI

Oil Changes

Oil changes for your Lamborghini are significant because they ensure that your engine is running the way it should be. If your car feels a little sluggish driving in Indianapolis, IN, it could be that you need an oil change. Also, if you store your Lamborghini for part of the year, you should have your oil checked when you bring it out of storage.

Tire Services

When you bring your Lamborghini into our service station near Louisville, KY, we will ensure that your tires have the appropriate amount of air and are correctly aligned. If you think you need new tires or need a tire repair, stop by to see our service professionals.

Brake Services

If your Lamborghini has brakes that squeak or squeal, bring it to our service center so that we can check and see if you need your brake pads replaced. Sometimes you may need more extensive work done on the brake system.


Whether it is the oil filter or a cabin air filter, we can make sure your filters are in good condition. Bring your Lamborghini in so that we can check your filters and make sure that they get replaced when they're supposed to.

Other Service Appointments Near Lexington, KY

The service manual for your Lamborghini will let you know when you are major appointments need to be scheduled. This is usually based on the mileage for your Lamborghini. Whether it is checking the transmission or replacing your fuel filter, we will ensure that the service is done with the highest quality.