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A Fresh Design

From pristine SUVs to fast coupes, Lamborghini seemingly provides it all. The lineup of new Lamborghini models is full of vehicles that are both powerful and quick. Experience the thrill of agile performance in a new Lamborghini in Pittsburgh, PA.

Available New Lamborghini Models at Lamborghini Ohio Near Cleveland, OH

2022 Lamborghini Urus

The 2022 Lamborghini Urus is one of the quickest SUV models that is available on the automotive market in Detroit, MI. From its interior to its exterior, the Lamborghini Urus features captivating designs available in several vibrant colors. The Pearl Capsule package that is available for the new Urus increases the beauty of the SUV even further.

2022 Lamborghini Aventador

The 2022 Lamborghini Aventador is a lightning-fast coupe that is available in four captivating variants. The lineup of Aventador models is powered by a 6.5-liter V12 engine that produces 730 horsepower and 509 pound-feet of torque. The premium Aventador SVJ unleashes more of its power with several aerodynamic and suspension enhancements that make it an excellent track vehicle for those that love high speeds in Indianapolis, IN.

2022 Lamborghini Huracán

Experience quick and lightweight performance in a 2022 Lamborghini Huracán. Available as both a coupe and a convertible in Cincinnati, OH, the Huracán is offered with several new interesting color options. The naturally-aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine of the Huracán roars as the model places all of its power down to its wheels. The 5.2-liter engine produces as much as 631 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. The new Huracán is available with a rear-wheel drive system and an all-wheel drive system.

2022 Lamborghini Sián

The 2022 Lamborghini Sián is a halo car of the Lamborghini brand. Equipped with an excellent hybrid powertrain, the Sián performs exceptionally. The Lamborghini Sián is equipped with a 6.5-liter V12 engine that is coupled with an electric motor, which delivers 33 horsepower to the powertrain of the Sián. In total, the Sián produces an amazing 808 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque. Your daily drive in Louisville, KY will never be the same.

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