Meet the Next Great Italian Stallion: The New Lamborghini Urus Performante Near Columbus, OH

2023 Lamborghini Urus PerformanteFor Bar Raisers Only

What is an exotic sports car? Some might think of the usual beloved motifs: two flared doors opening upwards, silhouettes as sharp and sleek as fighter jets, ground clearance low enough to rival the gap below your front door. But what if these elements -- so integral to the experience of owning a vehicle belonging to the highest strata of automotive excellence -- were recalibrated to match the everyday needs of even the most discerning buyers?

This is no rhetorical question, at least not for Lamborghini. They first addressed this concept with the groundbreaking Urus, and now the brand is further ratcheting up the performance quotient with the new LamborghiniUrus Performante. Don't call it an SUV -- this is a Super Sport Utility Vehicle, with the quintessential Lamborghini emphasis on Sport.

The Urus Performante specs, features and design come together to create a vehicle like no other: a singular realization of what happens when the best exotic car engineers aim to package exceptional performance in an everyday package. Read our complete overview below, then visit our Lamborghini dealer near Columbus to custom order a Urus Performante in Ohio today.

Lamborghini Urus Performante parked in smokey garage
Two Lamborghini Urus Performante in a garage